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Exclusive Discounts on our K3 GREIGE, H3 CHESTNUT, H8 HAZEL! Please contact your sales rep for details and pricing.
Exclusive Discounts on our K3 GREIGE, H3 CHESTNUT, H8 HAZEL! Please contact your sales rep for details and pricing.

Terms & Conditions

By purchasing, you are agreeing to the following Terms & Conditions:

The customer is responsible for the accuracy of all measurements, calculations, item sizes, color, and quantities ordered. Once the sales order is approved and/or signed, you agree that everything in the sales order is correct. Any changes to paid orders after 24 hours or orders already processed and pulled by the warehouse, whichever occurs first, will incur a 25% restocking fee, this includes changing sizes and/or colors, removing or cancelling a part of the order (including orders not picked up or shipped).

All returns must be within 30 days of receiving the order. Orders that are already picked up and brought back to exchange sizes or colors are considered returns. Returns are accepted from unopened and in its original flat packs are accepted with a 25% restocking fee. All accessories (trims, moldings, fillers, panels, glass, etc.) are final and no returns are accepted. All assembly orders are final; once paid, no changes, cancelations, or returns are accepted. Returns will be issued as store credit only and any unused credits will expire in one year (365 days) from the date the Credit Memo is issued.

Flat pack returns must be UNOPENED; any returns that have been opened or damaged will not be accepted. Boxes taped back together are not accepted.

The customer is responsible for all return shipping fees and sourcing a carrier (UPS, FedEx, etc.). No credit will be issued for lost or damaged items that occurred during transit. You will receive store credit for returns in acceptable condition minus the restocking fee.

All damage or defect claims must be filed within 30 days of receiving the order and all shipping damage and/or incomplete delivery claims must be filed within 5 days – no exceptions. You must open all boxes and check the entire order for any major damage, concealed damage, or defects. A delayed job is not a valid reason for not being able to check your order. Please see the Warranty for more details on certain wood characteristics that are not considered a defect and will not be accepted as a valid claim. Please allow up to one week on damage or defect claims and up to three weeks for shipping claims on damages during transit or missing pieces/incomplete deliveries.

Shipping will not be covered for approved claims on orders that were picked up directly from our warehouse. We do not provide compensation of any kind for backorder delays. Financial compensation for claims are not accepted and is only at the discretion of JK Cabinetry FL if a replacment cannot be made. JK Cabinetry FL reserves the right to make all final decisions regarding claims. Fraudulent claims are a crime and violators may be prosecuted.

The customer is responsible for inspecting shipment during delivery to ensure no damage and that everything is received in full. We will not be held liable if you sign the Bill of Lading (BOL) without noting damages or missing pieces. If you are claiming shipping damage, you must note the damages on the BOL. If shipping damages were not noted on the BOL, the claim will be denied as we, as well as the carrier, will see that the shipment was delivered in good and acceptable condition.

All freight shipping from one invoice will be shipped together under one BOL, so you should receive your shipment on a single delivery. If the freight company does not deliver all pieces (e.g., you are to receive 2 pallets and 1 box, but only received 2 pallets), you must note the missing pieces on the BOL so that we can file a claim with the shipping company to start a search/dock check. If you sign the BOL without noting damages or noting missing pieces, we will not be held liable for the missing pieces and it will make your shipping claim much harder and will be denied if the carrier denies the claim.

Please allow up to three weeks for shipping claims on damages during transit or missing pieces. Shipping claims on manufacturing defects (not shipping damages) will cover shipping, however all trim/molding replacements will be cut in half; requests for shipping at full length will not be covered and you must pay full shipping. Please read under Claims for more details on claims and under Shipping/Delivery for more information regarding shipped orders.

For all pickup orders, please arrange pickup as soon as possible after placing your order as orders not picked up within five business days of purchase are subject to storage fees of up to $30 per day. You will recieve your order in individual flat packs only, no pallet. Our warehouse staff may help you load your order to your vehicle, but this is a courtesy and not required. It is your responsibility to ensure enough staffing to load onto your vehicle. It is your responsibility to check the entire order before signing for it. By signing, you acknowledge that you recieved your order in full and we will not be held liable for any missing item claims.

Delays due to backorder do not provide additional rights for customer to cancel or return an entire order. We will always notify you of backorders prior to charging you. Without your approval on a order that contains backordered items, we will not charge your account or card. Therefore a cancellation of an entire order will not be accepted. We do not provide financial compensation for backorder delays.

JK Cabinetry FL is not responsible for and will not compensate for your labor costs, installation costs or loss of wages that may incur due to receiving damaged and/or missing items.

All designs should be completed between the contractor/builder and the homeowner. We occasionally can assit with designs/layouts but will be at the discretion of the sales representatives, however, all final designs and layouts and the end material/product list must be approved by the customer for accuracy before purchase. The customer is responsible for the accuracy of all designs and materials/product lists. Designs are not a priority and could take up to four weeks. Contractors, builders, and dealers with full material lists will take priority over all designs.

Please read the Shipping/Delivery, Warranty, Claims and FAQ for more detailed information.