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Exclusive Discounts on our K3 GREIGE, H3 CHESTNUT, H8 HAZEL! Please contact your sales rep for details and pricing.
Exclusive Discounts on our K3 GREIGE, H3 CHESTNUT, H8 HAZEL! Please contact your sales rep for details and pricing.

Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning

Here at J&K Cabinetry in Orlando, Florida, we are your trusted partner in creating beautiful homes. We know that maintaining the beauty of your kitchen and bathroom cabinets is just as important as their design. That's why we offer solutions for kitchen cabinet maintenance that are easy to follow and effective. We understand that a clean home is a happy home, and we provide insights on kitchen cabinet cleaning to keep your space looking fresh and inviting. For your bathroom, our bathroom cabinet cleaning tips ensure that even the smallest room in your house shines with cleanliness and elegance. We're not just about selling cabinets; we're about building lasting relationships and ensuring that your investment stands the test of time. Thank you for choosing us to be part of your home improvement journey. Let a member of our team know if you need help with your kitchen or bathroom cabinet cleaning.

General Information:

  • As a general rule, keep all cabinet surfaces dry at all times.
  • Cabinet surfaces shall be dried immediately with a soft, lint-free cotton cloth.
  • Avoid using a dish cloth or sponge. Avoid ammonia-based cleaners and soaps with dye. Harsh detergent residues may harm cabinet finishes.
  • As with all wood products, quick temperature changes and excessive moisture can be harmful to the cabinet finish and overall cabinet stability.

Basic Cleaning:

  • To remove dust after installation and for initial cleaning, use a soft, lint-free cotton cloth to wipe down all exterior and interior surfaces.
  • For regular basic cleaning, use a soft, lint-free cotton cloth dampened with a mild detergent or soap and warm water.
  • For best results, use a blotting action rather than a wiping motion, when cleaning.
  • Wipe up food spills and water spots immediately with a lint-free cotton cloth, so moisture is not absorbed into the cabinet surfaces.

Cleaning of Glass Door Inserts:

  • Use a household glass cleaner with a soft, clean cloth.
  • Apply the glass cleaner directly to the cleaning cloth rather than on the glass or mirror.
  • Avoid excess glass cleaner running into the cabinet joints.
  • Ammonia should never be used in full strength.

Basic Care & Things to Avoid:

  • When in doubt of a cleaner’s suitability, DO NOT USE.
  • Never use scouring pads, steel wool, wire brushes or powdered cleansers.
  • Never leave a cloth moistened with cleaner on any cabinet surface for any length of time.
  • Check the areas around the sink and dishwasher to make sure that water and detergents do not dry on the cabinet surfaces.
  • Avoid draping wet or damp dish towels over doors of the base cabinets.
  • Do not attach towel racks to the interior of cabinet doors.
  • Avoid placing small kitchen appliances where the heat or steam is directed onto cabinet surfaces.
  • Do not leave printed materials (newspapers, magazines, etc.) on the cabinet surfaces, as the printing can bleed into the cabinet finish.

Damages through incorrect or improper cleaning will void warranty.